Doppler Gesture Sensing in JavaScript

Doppler Gesture Sensing in JavaScript mentions an interesting paper on Doppler gesture sensing and  implementation of Doppler gesture sensing in JavaScript that works right in the browser (runs on Chrome). This JavaScript library generates a sine wave at 20 kHz that’s played through the computer’s speakers. The frequency is high enough that it’s pretty much inaudible. While the

Node.js and Internet of Things

Riding on the widespread popularity of JavaScript (particularly event-driven Node.js) in combination with low cost prototyping hardware, a new set of projects have emerged letting client side web developers use their skills to start controlling elements in the physical world. This posting has several interesting videos around this topic: Matteo Collina: “MQTT” and “Node.js”- Messaging the Internet of

Real-Time Map of All the Objects in Earth’s Orbit

Here’s a Real-Time Map of All the Objects in Earth’s Orbit article informed me on a very interesting new on-line service: It’s, a real-time, 3D-visualized map of all objects looping around Earth, from satellites to orbital trash.   The visualized data is based on the latest satellite data from Space Track, a US Department

Atom text editor

GitHub’s Atom Text Editor Hits 1.0, Now Has Over 350,000 Monthly Active article  got me interested in Atom editor software. Atom is GitHub’s highly extensible open source text editor. Atom project was started by the founder of GitHub, Chris Wanstrath in the mid of year 2008. Nearly 6 years later, the first public beta was