MEAN Vs. LAMP: Finding the Right Fit For Your Next Project SlashDot posting notes that LAMP diehards should take note: The flexible simplicity of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js is no joke and could very well be a worthwhile stack for your next programming project, writes InfoWorld’s Peter Wayner. “ InfoWorld’s article MEAN vs. LAMP

The future of Javascript

After almost 20 years, JavaScript is still growing by all measures: deployed apps, github usage, framework innovation, and of course standardized language evolution. The 6th Edition of the ECMAScript standard, ES6, is all but done. ES7, the next edition, is under parallel construction in order to be finalized a year after ES6. Check out what

Aftermath Web 2014

Here is a my look back on web development trends from 2014. 2014 was quite a year, and things did not in all details turn out as predicted on some predictions. I did not make my own predicions specifically on web development, but my computer trends 2014 posting had some web related predictions. Web is still

HTML5 is here

I can say that HMTL5 is now finally mainstream. HTML5′s “Dirty Little Secret”: It’s Already Everywhere, Even In Mobile  article tells that while HTML5 has never really lived up to its potential, due a problem with marketing as awell as VisionMobile posits, this is partly a problem with performance and partly a question of tooling.

Make music in your browser

Nowadays you can make music on on your browser – even if you can’t really play real instruments. I have earlier written about Patatap, and here are some new finding on this field: ACID MACHINE BETA is a in-browser tool (uses HTML5 “magic”) that emulates Roland’s TB-303 bass synthesizer with built-in sequencer. It brings the

The elevator programming game

Elevator Saga The elevator programming game is an addictive programming challenge. It is a nice JavaScript simulation of transporting people using one or more elevators. You write the code and the elevators move accordingly on your browser. The initial program supplied is flawed, and you have to write your own program with better algorithm. You