DOS drivers for VGA to TV adapter

This page includes information and links drivers which you can use to make the VGA to TV converter to work with DOS applications. The driver which are listed in this circuits are for commercial products (freely downloadable from manufacturer site) and other drivers are non-commercial (my driver and some freeware drivers). DOS driver support generally works quite well in standard VGA modes with most common VGA chipsets (Cirrus, Tseng ET4000, Matrox, Oak, etc).

Note that the drivers need your graphics card to be fully compatible with the original VGA card. There are many VGA card which claim to be 100% compatible with VGA but my own experience proves otherwise. It seems that some chipset makers have not implemented some rarely used VGA features which are absolutely needed by those VGA to Tv drivers. If your graphics card is not fully VGA compatible then then the drivers quite propably will not work.

Note to S3 chipset based card users: None of the drivers seem to work properly on S3 chipsets. You might get textmode and some graphics modes to work but VGA mode 13h 320x200 with 256 colors has not worked on any card tested. I don't plan to write special drivers for those cards because there are not enough S3 information freely available and I don't have S3 based card to test those drivers. If somebody alse has interrests to write drivers for S3 cards, then contact me.

NTSC drivers

PAL driver

PAL drivers should as well work with SECAM TVs.

For more information about using drivers above, check the driver operation guide. If anyone is interrested in helping to make better freely available drivers check my VGA to Tv driver devellopment program web page.

Tips on using Scitech Display Doctor instead of VGA to TV drivers

Scitech Display Doctor is a software which allows all kind of configuration to make for VGA card refresh rates. Theat software can read the screen settings and then use the saved settings later. It is possible to start Display Doctor, then start the VGA to TV driver. when you can try to save the screen settings with Display doctor. If the screen mode is saved successfully you sould be able to get the same screen settings as the VGA to TV driver set justs by using the Scitech Display Doctor. Display Doctor allows also to make adjustments to screen parameters (picture position etc.). Scitech Display Doctor is not a free software, but you can download a free evalution version of it to your computer if you want to. For more information on Scitech Display Doctor wisit the Scitech Software web site at

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