VGA to workstation monitor FAQ

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This FAQ tries to cover the details you should know when you try to connect your PC to a monitor kanen from old workstation. Old workstation monitors are sometimes available very cheaply (maybe for free) and they can seem to be an attractive alternative to normal PC monitor because they would allow you to get a big picture quite cheaply. The downside is that most workstation monitors don't work well as general purpose PC monitor and the quality of those monitors might not be the best (because of old technology and because they are typically near the end of their useful life). The tips given in this FAQ can also be used when connecting PC to video projectors etc. which are designed to be used with workstations. To be able to use the information in this document you must have a basic knowledge on electronics, computer video monitor operation and how ot configure your video card screen modes.

NOTE: Anyone undertaking this project does so at there own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage to equipment or personal injuries resulting from attempting this project.

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