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USB 3.0 is coming

Register Hardware has just published Inside USB 3.0 article on new coming USB 3.0 technology. USB 3.0 is sometimes called SuperSpeed USB because of its 5Gb/s peak data-transfer rate. NEC announced first host controller chip for USB 3.0 last week. Achieving that 5Gb/s data rate has required some hardware changes because simply can’t do SuperSpeed

Cracked LCD Screen Prank

Cracked LCD Screen Prank is a funny video on one funny practical joke. This guy installs a desktop background of a cracked LCD screen and detaches the mouse and keyboard. When his roommate gets home he thinks his computer monitor is busted and flips out. The video can be found in Internet in several locations

Easy to use stepper controller IC

I had some stepper motors from old disk drives and other electronics devices lying around. Those were typically designed to be driven with 12V voltage and take few hundred mA of current per phase and had five or six wires (four phase). I thought that it would be a good idea to turn them to

Having Fun at The Office

Time magazine on-line pages are running a series of photographs on funny office practical jokes inspired by The Office TV series. NBC has invited its viewers to submit photos of their own workplaces to the show’s website. Viewers Having Fun at The Office on-line article contains 18 best pictures.

History of 3D graphics cards

Try to imagine where 3D gaming would be today if not for the graphics processing unit, or GPU.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about how far graphics technology has come. Maximum PC has publishes an interesting article From Voodoo to GeForce: The Awesome History of 3D Graphics that takes a look back at every

Evolution of The Laptop

Laptop evolution video shows the evolution of the laptop computer since 1976 to today in three minutes. The video goes even beyond today.  The video consists of pictures of different laptop models and background music. Laptop evolution from YouTube


DealExtreme says they have cool gadgets at the Right Price. And they are right on this. DealExtreme (DX) is a Hong Kong-based online shopping site which specialises in a wide range of inexpensive electronic goods and other related items. Products range from useful and potentially useful to completely useless. Some of the most popular gadgets

Practical jokes around workplace – part IV

Today everybody has a network connection in the office. And the majority of people are quite heavily dependent on their connections during the day. In other words if their connection is down they get quite frustrated quite fast. My colleague was one of these people and he got very upset very fast. I always dreamt

Google Efficient Data Centers

Google has published recently more and more details on their data center and their own servers they use. Some of the most interesting details can be found at the Google Efficient Data Centers Summit presentations. Google Efficient Data Centers Summit – 2 of 3 video is worth to watch if you are interested in how