Master-1 radiation meter

Many of us are unknowingly exposed to some level radioactive radiation every day. There is always some background radiation. Even some common household items can be a source of radiation. Radiation meters allow you to know the amount of radiation on your environment. Typically this type of meters are used for letting you know if

Unusual aircraft GPS interference

Finland’s Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom, has issued a public announcement informing of an unusual spike in GPS interference near the country’s eastern border. According to reports, the interference isn’t limited to Finland but also affects Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and the broader Baltic region. This spoofing is relatively easy because the actual GPS signal is

Electrical meter hacking

There was an urban legend back in the days of mechanical electricity meters, that there were “lucky” appliances that once plugged in would make the meter go backwards. That was not practical. Even modern meters be fooled into doing strange things though, as a team at the University of Twente have demonstrated by making modern

Pi day

Today (March 14th, 2021), We are celebrating Pi Day, Pi (π) is the representation of the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi day is celebrated anually on March 14th since the first three significant digits of π are 3, 1, and, 4. The pandemic hasn’t stopped Pi Day celebrations on 3/14, but

DC-DC “inverter”

Sometimes devices sold as power inverter that claim to convert 12V to 230V AC (or 110V AC in USA) are not inverters at all, but DC/DC converters that output DC. I would say that calling such device “inverter” is not right, even though it might work with some originally mains powered devices. I have one

Linux maintenance challenges

Linux creator Linus Torvalds spoke about the challenge of finding future maintainers for the open-source operating system, at the (virtual) Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux conference under way this week. It’s really hard to find maintainers, says Linux creator. Maybe the damage was already done when Linus developed a bad reputation early on for

Ylläs transmitting tower

TV transmitting tower with microwave links and other telecom stuff like cell phone transceivers covered with snow. This is 150 meters tower that has typically 100-150 thousand kilograms of snow and ice in it during winter time. This picture was taken few days ago at Ylläs Lappland Finland. Picture is taken by me in February