Bionic Implants Can Go Obsolete And Unsupported

When a piece of hardware goes unsupported by a company, it can be frustrating. Bugs may no longer get fixed, or in the worst cases, perfectly good hardware can stop working entirely. If is a cheap easy to replace device, then it is not a big issue. But what of there is no direct replacement and the device is inside a person?

Bionic Implants Can Go Obsolete And Unsupported, Too

Bionic Eyes Go Dark

If you were blind, having an artificial retinal implant would mean the difference between seeing a few hundred pixels in greyscale and seeing all black, all the time. Imagine that you emerged from this total darkness, enjoyed a few years of mobility and your newfound sense, and then everything goes dark again because the company making the devices abandoned them for financial reasons.

Sadly, for a group reliant on retinal implants from company Second Sight, the company has since stopped producing and supporting the devices that give them a crude form of bionic sight.

Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported
Second Sight left users of its retinal implants in the dark

Another story on implanted devices:

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