Nokia smartphone repair: Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 smart phone has display got broken. What to do? A real goldmine for anyone attempting to star repairing a cell phone nowadays are disassembly/assembly videos on Youtube. So I got there and looked for Lumia 800 related videos to see if anything could be done for this. Nokia Lumia 800 Teardown – Disassemble & Reassemble – Battery & Case Replacement video revealed how the display change could be done.

My friend Tommi checked out the video and decided to go on with the repairing of his Lumia 800. And with the video and new display the repair was success story. So again a Youtube video helped again to fix broken electronics.


  1. CoYo says:

    Thanks for the tip, that guy has plenty of repair videos on his youtube-channel.

    I find lots of interesting stuff from your blog posts, thanks mate!

  2. smartphone repair says:

    thanks for the video, we where trying to find a video but no result, we believed that it was to early.

  3. Tommi says:

    Yes, this video was excellent. Operation was super simple and took only
    minutes after you found right size torx screwdriver.
    Lumia works like a charm again.

    Please post here if you have fixed your Lumia as well !


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