The Golden Age of Tech Blogging?

Is the golden age of Tech Blogging over or not? Here are two views:

End of an Era: The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over article tells that like the film industry, the Golden Era is the emergence period, when fresh innovation in a new medium is born. New techniques, revolutionary content, and different business models emerge as innovators pioneer a new medium.

Trend 1: Corporate acquisitions stymie innovation
Trend 2: Tech blogs are experiencing major talent turnover
Trend 3: The audience needs have changed, they want: faster, smaller, and social
Trend 4: As space matures, business models solidify –giving room for new disruptors

The Future: A New Era is set to Emerge – Tech blogging isn’t dying, it’s evolving.

This is a normal part of any industry.

Golden Age of Tech Blogging Done? I Couldn’t Disagree More article put out a view: No way. Unless of course, he means we’re about to enter the platinum age. Because things are far from dead in tech blogging– and blogging in general. In fact, I think we’re poised to enter one of the most exciting periods yet. I’m a big believer that tech trends tend to over-promise in the short term but under-promise in the longterm. Last few years demonstrated some of the limitations of blogging– ie, we can’t all make businesses and build big audiences, it won’t replace all older forms of media. In a lot of ways sites like Facebook, Yelp and Twitter have scratched that itch for self-expression by giving the masses an easier and more painless way to get the endorphin rush that blogging gave in the early day. But there are still plenty of people who love to write– not just share, Tweet and comment– for a living, and blogs are still the best platform for that. In many cases, blogs haven’t yet figured out a way to monetize their influence. Start out with a mindset not to sell.




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