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Google Cloud Platform Blog: Spotify chooses Google Cloud Platform to power data infrastructure

It’s not every day you move a 75 million+ user company from a home-grown infrastructure to the cloud. But if you use Spotify, more and more of your musical experience will be delivered by Google Cloud Platform over the coming weeks and months Posted from WordPress for Android

Mousejack lets attackers take over your computer via your wireless mouse | News |

An analysis by researchers at Bastille Networks indicates that your wireless mouse might provide an attacker with a route to get malware onto your machine, provided they’re within about 100 meters. They’ve dubbed this vulnerability “Mousejack.” The researchers tested many mice from manufacturers like Logitech, Dell, and Lenovo that operate over 2.4GHz wireless communications. This

Flexible Optical Metasurfaces Promise “Smart” Contact Lenses – IEEE Spectrum

The name of the game in optical metasurfaces is shortening the wavelengths of light. This yields devices that can manipulate light for information processing and also reduce the bulk of the devices based on traditional optics. Metasurfaces have been pretty good at offering small, flat features, but the integrated metallic resonators they use to filter light according

Experiment Provides Further Evidence That Reality Doesn’t Exist Until We Measure It | IFLScience

Physicists have succeeded in confirming one of the theoretical aspects of quantum physics: Subatomic objects switch between particle and wave states when observed, while remaining in a dual state beforehand. In the bizarre world of quantum mechanics, events rippling back in time may not seem that much stranger than things like “spooky action at a

52 Of The Most Common Myths and Misconceptions Debunked In One Infographic | IFLScience

Did you know that black belts do not indicate ninja-level mastery, adding only a sprinkle of salt to fresh water does not make it boil quicker, and that sharks do get cancer? These are all part of the myths and misconceptions infographic created by London-based author, data-journalist and information designer David McCandless. Posted from