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Unsafe at any clock speed: Linux kernel security needs a rethink | Ars Technica Report from Linux security summit. Many security practices on modern devices are stick 90′s practices. There are improvements Linux kernel planned… but how can we convince IoT gadget makers to do their part in security puzzle? Linux kernel is not the only part that needs rethinking.

Almost Every Electronic Device Could Get Connected To Internet – Internet Of Things If this prediction will hold true, there will be lot of work for converting embedded developers to IoT experts that understand security. Otherwise this prediction will fail big time with IoT bubble bursting. 

Most people exposed to air pollution

Our world is a pretty dirty place for most of us and it hurts health of many people. A new World Health Organization (WHO) air quality model confirms that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits. 92% of the world’s population exposed to unsafe levels of air