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Halloween hacking ideas 2023

Halloween is coming and you might think you need some scary/funny decoration for it. It’s a chance to give everyone in the neighborhood a jump scare. Here are some links ideas. Modern Halloween Decorations can be built with some Addressable LEDs, weather-resistant speakers and some other effects. 2023 Halloween Hackfest: Musical Jack-o-Lanterns Harmonize For Halloween

Friday Fun: Light cooking

Light cooking ideas for this Friday: Infrared cooking and using light instrument heat directly. You can’t do this with one of those new LED pars. PAR Cans are the most widely used light for concerts, clubs, and theatrical lighting. Some people have cooked with them. Here are few examples from the discussion: Alton Brown

Friday Fun: An Electric Capacitor Revolver

Electrolytic capacitors blow up when they are pushed too hard. That’s normally a very bad thing. This hardware hack uses exploding capacitors as a propellant. For purely for innovation and engineering, this YouTube experimenter built a working capacitor revolver and tested its capabilities. I Built An Electric Capacitor Revolver! Funny idea, but not the

Micro:Bit simulation with Tinkercad

The micro:bit is a small, pocket-sized computer board that can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks, from displaying messages and images to interacting with sensors and creating simple games. Micro:bit programming is designed as an exciting and accessible way to introduce coding and electronics to beginners of all ages. The available languages