Dev boards

Arduino sensors interfacing

There is a wide variety of sensor0s. A sensor can be used to measure all manner of different things including temperature, light, vibrations… heck even air quality and your heartbeat! By connecting a sensor to Arduino board you can easily read sensor values and have your own code to process them. If you connect your

The Arduino or Raspberry, when to use which and the Ultimate Combination

Arduino had become probably the most used makers board for electronic and robotic projects and raspberry is one of the best choices when it comes to credit card sized computers. But what one use in his project? Well, it depends. Posted from WordPress for Android

New chips: ESP32 and ATmega328PB

Some of my favorite small micro-controller platforms (as you might have seen if you have been reading this blog) are Arduino and ESP8266. It seems that there is going ot be some upgrades to those platforms this year. ESP32 ESP8266 chip is used to build  WiFi modules for serial-to-WiFi conversion and Internet of Things applications. ESP8266

Raspberry Pi Zero

Rumors about a new Raspberry Pi have been circulating around the Internet for the past week or so. The time is now to reveal the truth, and the real news is even more interesting than what was rumoured: it’s a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero. It’s the smallest Pi yet, while still keeping the core experience. In recent

Arduino/Genuino 101 with Intel Curie

There has been already several x86 based Arduino compatible boards, but there is always place for another one. News sources tells that Intel and Arduino Introduce Curie-Based Educational Board. Intel and Arduino are releasing their first product pushed directly on the education market, the Arduino/Genuino 101 board powered by the Intel Curie module: The Arduino/Genuino