Manager’s guide to digital design

Manager’s guide to digital design article from EDN magazine is for all those hardworking engineering managers who just want a simple, one-page summary of everything they need to know about digital design. Here are some picks from article:

GROUND: mythical electrical object that absorbs unlimited quantities of electrical current. Ground exists in Spice but nowhere else. Radar engineers in the 1930s discredited the concept of ground as anything more than a good place to grow carrots and potatoes.

EQUALIZER: the Chuck Norris of serial-transmission circuits. An equalizer improves the odds of success for all good bits by knocking out the bad artifacts. Just saying you have an equalizer makes investors swoon.

ROHS (restriction-of-hazardous-substances) Lead-Free Solder Initiative: Evil plot by Luddites to rid the world of computers by first rendering all electronic products flaky and unreliable. The initiative may precipitate the collapse of Western civilization. Until then, just smile and go along with the scheme like everyone else.


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