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Anti Vuvuzela Filter

If you’re watching the World Cup or just seen few clips on the news, you’ve no doubt learned about the vuvuzela, a buzzing horn capable of drowning out TV announcers. There are are many people who want to to filter the vuvuzela buzz from your World Cup broadcasts. Anti Vuvuzela Filter marketed article tells that

Mobile Web applications with HTML 5

IBM has published a pretty interesting Creating mobile Web applications with HTML 5 article series that tells how to use HTML5 to make mobile applications. HTML 5 is a very hyped technology, but with good reason. As promising as it is for traditional browsers, it has even more potential for mobile browsers. Even better, the

Scope and ground loops

Differential Scope Primer is a good introduction to oscillospe measurement. This web posting is a shortened version of the information on that document related to ground loops. I have also added here some of my own comments. Most oscilloscopes are designed to measure voltages that are referenced to earth ground, which is connected to the

How LED bulb are made

So, if you have wondered why LED light bulbs are so expensive today, How LED Light Bulbs Are Made article gives explanation of how they are manufactured and how that compares to the manufacture of traditional light bulbs should help. However, it also reveals why the cost will fall pretty dramatically over the next few

EDN DSP Directory

EDN magazine publishes every year directory on various microprocessorors. The directory provides a snapshot each year of the companies, products, intellectual property, and software-development tools available as digital-signal-processing resources for embedded-system developers. Scratching the surface: The 2010 DSP Directory lists the relevant DSP offerings this year. This directory aims to provide designers and system architects

Open Source Hardware Companies

Selling products whose design anyone can access, edit, or use on their own is pretty crazy. It’s also good business according to 13 Open Source Hardware Companies Making $1 Million or More (video) article. The article mentions thirteen companies with million dollar revenues from open source hardware (OSHW).Companies providing OSHW allow all designs of the

URLEncode and URLDecode

URL Encoding is used when placing text in a query string to avoid it being confused with the URL itself. It is normally used when the browser sends form data to a web server. URL Encoding replaces spaces with “+” signs, and unsafe ASCII characters with “%” followed by their hex equivalent. The URLEncode and

Power Quality and Utilisation Guide

Power Quality and Utilisation Guide is a free on-line reference source for power quality information. It provides both background theory and solutions from electrical power industry. The guide is prepared by specialist authors from industry and academia, and edited by Copper Development Association‘s David Chapman. The Guide is organized into 8 sections and presented in

Cooling Fan Tachometer standards

Internet is usually a goldmine of all technical information, but there’s not much on the internet about the rpm rotation sensor and it’s specification. CPU Cooling Fan Tachometer standards tries to fill this gap. It page describes a little about the tachometer or rpm rotation sensor and it’s electronics. CPU fan pinout page gives the