ESTA standards for public review

Control Geek blog pointed out that a revision of ESTA’s BSR E1.17, the “Architecture for Control Networks” protocol (ACN) developed by the live entertainment industry for control of pretty much anything, is up for a public review ESTA TSP Public Review Documents until August 24. ACN is a control protocol that has potential applications far beyond entertainment lighting control. If you are a hacker working on this area it is now time to download the document there now when it is available for free (the final version will cost you some real money if you want to get it later). There is already a full open source ACN implementation available and even a Wireshark ACN plugin.

The current version of the standard is available for free to download because of standardizing procedures. ANSI procedures require that a standard be submitted to public review so that all parties affected have an opportunity to participate in its development. A document is offered for public review for a limited period of time after which it is withdrawn for comment resolution and revision. If substantive changes are made to the document it will be offered for a subsequent public review. If no substantive changes are made and the working group is satisfied with the document, the standard will be put forth for acceptance as an American National Standard.

ESTA TSP Public Review Documents directory seems to have also some other interesting documents that could be worth to take a look: BSR E1.37-1, Additional Message Sets for ANSI E1.20 (RDM) – Part 1, Dimmer Message Sets and BSR E1.24 – 201x, Entertainment Technology – Dimensional Requirements for Stage Pin Connectors.



  1. John Huntington says:

    Thanks for the link! ACN is a very cool protocol, and has lots of application beyond lighting control. I’m hoping people will pick it up and check it out!


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