Star-Quad Cable in test

Are Star-Quad is well known in the audio industry as a good cable construction to use in demanding environments because its superior handling of EMI. And that reputation is based in science; the Canare document, for example, contains lots of claims which can be tested objectively, and all those claims are rooted in physics-based (reality-based) mechanisms.

But do Star quad cables can also improve sound quality? Does Star Quad Microphone Cable Sound Better? Let’s Find Out! John Huntington tries to test that scientifically in ongoing on-line blind listening test. The survey will be available until 6pm NYC time on Thursday, March 10, 2011. Happy listening to see if you can hear any difference or not.

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  1. Tomi says:

    Survey Says!

    So, given the criteria above, only 3.8 % of my survey respondents were possibly able to tell the difference between the two kinds of cables in our experiment. I say “possibly” because it’s conceivable that those three people got the right answers due to chance


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