Aftermath: Hot trends 2012

I wrote in the beginning of the year 2012 a blog article Hot trends for 2012 that tried to predict trends for year 2012. Now when year 2013 has started here is my aftermath how well my article predicted last year. So here are my comments on how well the predictions went. I use symbol + if prediction was was right, – if it was wrong, +- if partially right, ? if I don’t know the answer. Here are most important predictions and how they went:

There’s no stopping the momentum of consumerization of technology in 2012. Smartphone owners are increasingly paying a high price for free mobile applications, with 2012 set to be a disruptive year of widespread mobile hacking.

+ This was right to the point. Check comments on Security trends for 2012. Check also How I’m Being Followed on Web

TechCrunch has an interesting predictions on how HTML5 and 2012 will change the web in The Definitive Guide To HTML5: 14 Predictions For 2012 article.

+- No major shift here…

If there is a way to exploit the consumer with technology, companies have ALWAYS done so. Everything you do, everything you see, everything you eat, every breath you take, every move you make… it’s worth something to someone and they will always do everything they can get away with to capitalize on it.

+ This was right to the point. Links: security trends, how I am followed..

Facebook Poised to Lead Biggest U.S. Internet IPO Year Since 1999 Bubble

+ Facebook had a big IPO and the price started to drop soon

6 Game-Changing Digital Journalism Events of 2011 article tells that after an incredible year of news events and milestones, online journalism in 2012 has a tough act to follow. We can certainly expect more successes and more failures when it comes to business models and mobile strategies.

+ paywalls success and failures

SOPA opponents may go nuclear and other 2012 predictions article tells to expect an article page blackout as a way to put “maximum pressure on the U.S. government” in response to SOPA

+ many attacks for various reasons and SOPA buried

Study Predicts Growing Use Of Social Media In Healthcare

?? I don’t know. I have not followed this too much…

The 5 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2012

-          Economical downturn has caused that many people are loosing their jobs in ICT sector. I don’t think those positions were that hard to fill than expected when the year begun.


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