Hot trends for 2012

Generally, at the end of the year, predictions stream forth as to how this or that new technology will transform the world in the next 12 months. This article is a link collection to articles that try to do that.

2012 and the Technology Blahs article mentions few predictions: We will continue to see innovation around cost savings and information flow. There’s no stopping the momentum of consumerization of technology in 2012. Smartphone owners are increasingly paying a high price for free mobile applications, with 2012 set to be a disruptive year of widespread mobile hacking.

TechCrunch has an interesting predictions on how HTML5 and 2012 will change the web in The Definitive Guide To HTML5: 14 Predictions For 2012 article. Apart from making the whole web more interconnected between different websites, web browsers starting to look and behave more like iPad, complete with push notifications and geolocation, and HTML5 ads replacing majority of flash based ads, the article also predicts that browser makers will start to introduce App Stores within their browsers. In fact, Chrome already has one and Facebook will also get a lot more seamlessly integrated with your desktop. Marketing speak decoded:
“Push notifications” -> ads rammed up your ass
“Apps” for browsers -> pay per view content
“HTML5 ads” -> ads take over the whole screen.
“Facebook will be seamlessly integrated into the desktop” -> all your info belongs to us

If there is a way to exploit the consumer with technology, companies have ALWAYS done so. Everything you do, everything you see, everything you eat, every breath you take, every move you make… it’s worth something to someone and they will always do everything they can get away with to capitalize on it. The only areas which aren’t being exploited are either prohibited by law or new enough that they haven’t yet figured out how to best exploit.


Late-Stage Web Companies Took In The Largest Tech Investments Of 2011. Facebook Poised to Lead Biggest U.S. Internet IPO Year Since 1999 Bubble article says that Facebook Inc. and Yelp Inc. are set to lead the biggest year for U.S. initial public offerings by Internet companies since 1999. That would be the most since $18.5 billion of IPOs in 1999, just before the dot-com bubble burst. There are companies that would like to go public, but are waiting for the right market environment to do so. The IPO market in Europe is six months behind USA.

6 Game-Changing Digital Journalism Events of 2011 article tells that after an incredible year of news events and milestones, online journalism in 2012 has a tough act to follow. We can certainly expect more successes and more failures when it comes to business models and mobile strategies. News organizations will clamor to be the first on new social networks. 2012 is a year of very new games.

SOPA opponents may go nuclear and other 2012 predictions article tells to expect an article page blackout as a way to put “maximum pressure on the U.S. government” in response to SOPA. Technically speaking, it wouldn’t be difficult to pull off. Antitrust on the rise because it tends to be far cheaper to pay lobbyists to cripple your rival than compete in the marketplace. If 2011 was the Year of the Hackers, 2012 may be the Year the Hackers Upset the Political Establishment, especially ones supporting SOPA and similar legistlation. Computer hackers plan to take the internet beyond the reach of censors by putting their own communication satellites into orbit.

Click here to find out more! Study Predicts Growing Use Of Social Media In Healthcare article tells that men are more likely than women to turn to Facebook and other social networks for healthcare purposes. Facebook was the most popular site for people searching for healthcare information, followed by YouTube. Another study says that Facebook a Factor in a Third of UK Divorces. When they say cited, they mean just that: That something from Facebook was brought up in the courtroom.

The 5 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2012 article tells that finding a talent is in short supply, especially in these five areas: Software Engineers and Web Developers, Creative Design and User Experience, Product Management, Marketing, Analytics.

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012: Responding Like a Trained Monkey, Mindless Traditions, Reading Annoying Things, Work That’s Not Worth It and Making Things More Complicated Than They Should Be. Eliminating these five activities is likely to save hundreds of hours next year. What are you going to stop doing and how are you going to leverage all that extra time?


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Driving Away Brands — Starting With Mine

    “Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is fed up with Facebook and will take his business elsewhere. He’s sick of getting hit with huge fees to send messages to his team’s fans and followers.”

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Google Rakes In More Ad Dollars Than U.S. Print Media

    This chart shows Google’s advertising revenue since 2004 compared to print ad revenues of U.S. newspapers and magazines.

    Over the past few years, online ads have quickly grown past newspaper and magazine advertising to become the second largest ad medium behind television.

    We have played with the numbers a little bit and found an interesting piece of information that nicely illustrates how ad markets have changed in the past decade: in the first six months of 2012, Google raked in $20.8 billion in ad revenue, while the whole U.S. print media (newspapers and magazines) generated $19.2 billion from print advertising. That is, Google, a company founded 14 years ago, makes more money from advertising than an industry that has been around for more than a hundred years.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Automatic Facebook couple pages: Nauseating sign of desperation
    Ad firm frantically churns the content you gave it

    A week after Facebook introduced the nauseating idea of automatic couple pages, it has been rolled out to users across the globe, inducing reactions such as: “creepy and intrusive”, “retch-inducing” and “smug”.

    Facebook users who have listed themselves as “In a Relationship” or “Married” and linked their profile to their partner’s will find that Facebook has automatically generated them a couple page

    You don’t need to be a dyspeptic technology hack to find this nauseating.

    Yes, it’s all data you uploaded, but it belongs to Facebook now, and there’s not much you can do about how they remix and reuse it. The only way out of the couple page appears to be breaking up with your partner (on Facebook) or flat out defriending them. Breaking up with them on Facebook will send everyone in your friendship circles a notification that your relationship has ended next to a graphic of a broken heart.

    With Facebook user sign-ups decreasing in the States and Europe, and shareholder interest increasing, in an angry why-has-the-share-price-fallen-so-badly way, Facebook are pulling tricks out of the hat

  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    When the Nerds Go Marching In

    How a dream team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter, and Google built the software that drove Barack Obama’s reelection

    They’d been working 14-hour days, six or seven days a week, trying to reelect the president, and now everything had been broken at just the wrong time.

    The nerds shook up an ossifying Democratic tech structure and the politicos taught the nerds a thing or two about stress, small-p politics, and the meaning of life.

  5. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Men Are From Reddit, Women Are From Pinterest [Infographic]

    While there is nothing inherently masculine about the way in which Google+ operates, we’ve seen time and time again that the demographic breakdown heavily favors men.

    Similarly, there’s nothing inherently feminine about the using Pinterest, but girls have flocked to the site in higher numbers than boys.

    it’s abundantly clear that some things about certain social networks are more attractive to men, and some things appeal to women. And the lines are rather clearly drawn.

  6. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Gangnam Style beats Bieber Baby, becomes biggest timewaste EVER
    6,000 person-years humanity will never get back

    Op op op op oppan, sexy lady – Gangnam Style!

    Yes, if you’re still upset by the four minutes of your life you’ll never get back from watching internet sensation PSY bust some horsey moves on YouTube, then fear not – more than 820 million people made the same mistake.

    This means that pop2.0 prince Justin Bieber has been knocked off the top spot with his video for Baby, which had previously been the most viewed vid ever on Google’s service.

    “With K-pop, we had a whole industry of extraordinarily high quality music that was largely not available outside of Japan and Korea and a couple other countries. YouTube made it mainstream and global.”

  7. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Finding a Crowdsourced Cure For Brain Cancer

    “Salvatore Iaconesi, a software engineer at La Sapienza University of Rome, writes that when he was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, his first idea was to seek other opinions. He immediately asked for his clinical records in digital format, converted the data into spreadsheets, databases, and metadata files, and published them on the web site called The Cure. ‘The responses have been incredible.”

  8. Tomi Engdahl says:

    “The washing machine has changed society more than the Internet”

    Ha-Joon Chang, a Cambridge economist, turns conventional wisdom about the free market on its head in his new book, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism. In it, he argues that the washing machine was more revolutionary than the Internet.

    Wait a minute. Has the Internet not revolutionized everything?

    “Not really, no. Instead of reading a paper, we now read the news online. Instead of buying books at a store, we buy them online. What’s so revolutionary? The Internet has mainly affected our leisure life.”

    So what has the washing machine done for us?

    “Like other household appliances, it has liberated women from doing household work or doing tedious jobs as a domestic servant. A century ago, 10 percent of the labor force worked in other people’s households. Today, very few people do.”

  9. Tomi says:

    It’s complicated: why our Facebook romance is fading

    We’re still online but the message is clear: the gloss has come off our relationship with the social-networking behemoth.

    “Facebook is driving me nuts,” a 21-year-old Sydney student participant complains in one of our recent studies. ”So much to keep up with. But you have to be on it,” she says with a sigh.

    ”How else do you get invited to parties?”

    That, in a nutshell, describes Facebook 2.0; a new phase in the evolution of the social media behemoth that has radically reshaped how 1 billion of us communicate. After years of enthusiastically voracious usage, Australians are starting to question the role of Facebook in their lives.

    Thirty-one percent of Australian Facebook users feel that they spend too much time on the site. This number doubled to 61 percent among those aged between 18 and 29.

    The message is loud and clear – Australian Facebook users are kind of over it.

    To be clear, the numbers on Facebook usage are not dropping. Nielsen measures Facebook usage in Australia and shows that the amount of time we spend on Facebook remains steady. We’re still spending loads of time on Facebook day-in day-out (which could be attributed to the rapid rise in smartphone penetration alone – what else are people doing while gazing into their phones on the bus and train?). But consumption tells only part of the story.

    The statistics on Facebook usage tell us about, well, only time spent on Facebook. They don’t tell us how people feel about this new force in their lives.

    Will people abandon Facebook in droves? Not likely. This is probably not the beginning of the end of Facebook. Not by a long shot. But what it is, is confirmation of a new phase in the role Facebook plays in people’s lives.

    It may cease to be the all-consuming must-have social equivalent to oxygen it is now. Users will likely keep their accounts open to stay in the loop, but they may spend less time on Facebook in the future.

    Facebook 2.0 then, can be roughly translated to Phonebook 2.0 – Facebook, the new White Pages/calendar of the digital age.

  10. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Firefox Gets Social with Facebook

    Today, we’re excited to announce that Firefox is getting social with Facebook Messenger for Firefox, which is built on a new Social API for the Web.

    To get started, just upgrade to the latest Firefox and then visit the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click “Turn On.”

    Once you enable the feature, you’ll get a social sidebar with your Facebook chat and updates, like new comments and photo tags. You’ll also get notifications for messages, friend requests and more that you can respond to right from your Firefox toolbar.

  11. Tomi Engdahl says:

    How Families Interact on Facebook

    Every day, people use Facebook to connect with a variety of people in their lives—close friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Nowhere are these connections more important than among family members.

    With the holidays approaching, and families gathering all over the world, we wanted to understand how parents and children on Facebook communicate. We investigated anonymized and automatically processed posts and comments by people self-identified as parents and children to understand how conversation patterns with each other might be a bit different from those with their other friends.

  12. Tomi Engdahl says:

    My digital life Between the covers – “on-book” hit

    Bringing the digital life form is the proud host of the latest social media phenomenon. Worldwide there are already many companies function, providing a Facebook or Twitter account to print the document.

    Loccit example shows that in the age of digital world, you also want something permanent.


  13. Tomi Engdahl says:

    A 10,000 Year Old Tradition – Key to Your Success?

    How could a 10,000 year old tradition be key to your success?

    Simply put, without it, neither you, nor any of us, would be here. I’m referring to our ancestors’ ability to tell purposeful stories in order to survive.

    This 10,000 year old story telling magic is no gift from me to you. It’s hardwired in all of us today. Smart businesses must venerate and kindle this resource it in all of their stakeholders to reap the rewards of future business success!

    The opportunity horizon for businesses today lies in taking the value proposition of that 10,000 year old tradition and by combining it with the tsunami of technological advancements, turn that campfire into a bonfire. A cautionary tale – nowadays story creation and sharing have taken on a whole new meaning. Audiences expect to be part of the story, to contribute to it, morph it, and share it on whatever device they choose with their own audiences, networks and communities. Empowered by the Internet and social media platforms, they demand to be controlling the dashboard of their experiences.

    Businesses must do just that. Surrender control over the telling of their product or services’ stories and let their customers/audiences pay them forward as apostles and evangelists. It’s the most powerful, authentic (and commission-free) sales force you can engage!

  14. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Microsoft Silverlight: shattered into a million broken urls

    There has been some Twitter chatter about the closure of, Microsoft’s official site for its lightweight .NET client platform. multimedia player and browser plug-in.

    One of the things this demonstrates is how short-sighted it is to create these mini-sites with their own top-level domain. It illustrates how fractured Microsoft is, with individual teams doing their own thing regardless. Microsoft has dozens of these sites, such as,,, and so on; there is little consistency of style, and when someone decides to fold one of these back to the main site, all the links die.

    What about Silverlight though? It was always going to be a struggle against Flash, but Silverlight was a great technical achievement and I see it as client-side .NET done right, lightweight, secure, and powerful. It is easy to find flaws. Microsoft should have retained the cross-platform vision it started with;

    The reasons for the absence of Silverlight in the Windows Runtime on Windows 8, and in both Metro and desktop environments in Windows RT, are likely political.

    Microsoft’s Silverlight dream is over

  15. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Beware of fancy infographics–spammers may be lurking behind them

    Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 2012 seems to have been the Year of the Infographic. Everyone and their dog is producing impressively designed fact-filled charts and giving them away to bloggers.

    Infographics are the latest trick for suckering you into signing up for spammy Web sites. Here’s a story about one of them.

  16. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Google Starts Reporting False DMCA Takedown Requests

    Google has quietly rolled out a new feature to its copyright transparency report, allowing the public to see when DMCA takedown notices sent by copyright holders are false. The search giant is currently processing more than a dozen million “infringing” links per month, but points out that not all requests sent by rightsholders are legitimate. As an example, Google cites a request where a major U.S. motion picture studio asked them to censor their IMDb page and official trailer.

    In some cases the notices are flagged as false because the content has already been removed from the original site. But the automated systems used by copyright holders also include perfectly legitimate content as we’ve highlighted in the past.

    This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Google either.

  17. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Buffeted by the Web, but Now Riding It

    When the consumer Web exploded in the mid-1990s, part of the promise was that it would transform careers and the concept of work.

    It didn’t turn out that way. If anything, digital technology has overwhelmed those who sought to master it. The Web may be a technological marvel, but to most people who use it for work, it functions like an old-fashioned hamster wheel, except at Internet speed.

    The problem is that these days, ad-supported media business models all depend on scale, because rates go lower every day. Success in Web media generally requires constant posting to build a big audience.

    The clean, simple interface, without the clutter of news, is a tiny business

  18. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Web devs gasp: HTML5 takes big step toward standardization
    HTML 5.1, Canvas 2D specs also announced

    The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) has moved ahead with plans to develop the next two versions of the HTML web markup language, having released new draft specifications of HTML5, HTML 5.1, and related standards.

    On Monday, the web standards body published the first “candidate recommendation” of HTML5, bringing the standard to a level that indicates its features are mostly locked and that future significant changes are unlikely.

    “As of today, businesses know what they can rely on for HTML5 in the coming years, and what their customers will demand,” W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe said in a statement. “Likewise, developers will know what skills to cultivate to reach smart phones, cars, televisions, ebooks, digital signs, and devices not yet known.”

    WHATWG’s work was adopted by the W3C HTML Working Group in 2007, and the current HTML5 specification combines the work of both organizations, although each takes a somewhat different approach.

    In September, recognizing that its formal standardization process might be just a touch too glacial, the W3C announced that it would defer some features of its proposed HTML5 spec until a later version, which would be known as HTML 5.1.

    The group published the first draft of the HTML 5.1 spec on Monday, simultaneous with the release of the latest HTML5 draft.

  19. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Amazon, Advertising’s Sleeping Giant, to Awaken in 2013
    E-commerce behemoth preps self-serve RTB platform

    Amazon made a splash during October’s Advertising Week while previewing its advertising business, but that was merely a ripple compared to the waves the e-commerce behemoth has coming for 2013 and beyond.

    Over the past year, Amazon has built a proprietary real-time bidding platform that plugs into exchanges and supply-side platforms, including Google’s AdX and PubMatic. This platform lets the company retarget its users across the Web based on their browsing and purchase habits on Amazon’s owned-and-operated properties. That could be a game changer. Given Amazon’s recommendation engine and general deal-closing prowess, the company’s data should have advertisers drooling.

  20. Tomi Engdahl says:

    It’s Official: Twitter Is Not a Fad

    Whether because of its name, its outsize media hype, or its reputation for getting its users in trouble for ill-advised words, Twitter has struggled to be taken seriously by adult Americans outside the media and celebrity spheres.

    But while faddish firms like Groupon and Zynga have fallen by the wayside, new figures make it clear that the six-year-old microblogging site has lived up to its billing as the biggest thing to hit the Internet since Facebook.

    Twitter announced today (via tweet, of course) that it has reached 200 million monthly active users worldwide. That makes it either the second or third largest social network in the world, depending on what figures you use for Qzone, a Chinese Facebook substitute.

    Twitter’s prominence as a “second screen” for TV viewers was reinforced this week when Nielsen, the ratings service, announced a deal with the site to create the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, a metric for the amount of engagement a show is sparking on the social platform.

    Pope Benedict XVI is among Twitter’s 60 million new active users since March.

  21. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Forget JavaScript, It’s Time for Browsers to Speed Up Images

    The average webpage is now 1.2 megabytes and around 60 percent of that rather large payload comes from images. That’s a lot of data, whether you’re handling images responsively or just trying to speed up a desktop site.

    You might think, if images are the bulk of what your browser is downloading, that browsers would be working hard to speed up the image downloads, perhaps trying alternate, space-saving image formats, but you’d be wrong.

    You might also think that, as Google’s Ilya Grigorik writes, “innovating on better image formats would be a top agenda item” for the web. But again you’d be wrong. The web is still using the same image formats it’s been using virtually since the first images appeared online.

    In a recent post looking at what it would take to deploy new image formats on the web, he writes, “if we really want to make an impact on web performance, then image formats is the place to do it… there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t have dozens of specialized formats, each tailored for a specific case and type of image.”

    The problem is that web browsers (with the exception of Opera) don’t actually send useful information in the Accepts header.

    Thus, the first step in creating a server-side solution for smaller images is to get other browsers to send useful Accepts headers.

    The Accepts header isn’t a magic bullet by any means, but it’s a problem that’s not hard to solve provided browser makers prioritize it.

  22. Tomi says:

    Twitter-controlled cockroach explores social media overstimulation

    Some find cockroaches repulsive, others think they’re adorable, and still others see them as an opportunity to make a statement about the relationship between humans and social media. Artist Brittany Ransom outfitted a cockroach with a little backpack called RoboRoach that could control its movement by stimulating its antennae. Then, Ransom hooked the system up to Twitter, and allowed users to control the roach by sending tweets marked with the hashtags #TweetRoachLeft and #TweetRoachRight.

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