Rescue sheet for your car

Cars have become safer and safer, but still they crash too often. The increasingly safety design of vehicles presents rescuers with a serious challenge. On-board rescue sheet article tells that in particular, removing car roofs is becoming more and more problematic. Faced with high-strength steel and body reinforcements, even the most powerful cutters reach their limits. Safety components, such as gas generators for curtain airbags, can be a safety risk for emergency response teams.

Therefore, a standardised A4 “rescue sheet” including information on the location of cabin reinforcements, tank, the battery, airbags, gas generators, control units etc. – and indicating adequate cutting points must be used throughout Europe. Manufacturers and importers have made such rescue sheets available on the Internet. To be readily accessible by rescuers, the rescue sheet must be placed behind the driver’s sun visor of each car.

So go to a On-board rescue sheet page to find the rescue sheet for your car. Then print it out and put it to your car behind the driver’s sun visor. There are also stickers available in Finland that can be put to car window to tell that there is rescue sheet behind the driver’s sun visor.


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