QR Code when you can't use NFC

A business card with URL or other information coded to NFC tag is a good idea, but what to do with those smart phones that do not have NFC capabilities.

One older alternative to get information read by smart phone is to use QR code or similar two dimensional bar code that can be read with smart phone camera. So an ideal business card could have both QR code and NFC tag in it.

The first questions are how to make such codes and how to read them. The answer is that there are software and on-line services that allows you to generate QR codes. Reading is done in smart phone using suitable application. Free QR Code Reader for is a well working software for reading those QR codes with Android smart phone.

Now to the generation. After some searching I found that http://goqr.me/ has a free QR code generator that seems to work well. QR Codes created on goQR.me are completely free of charge (commercial and print usage allowed, including advertising).

Here is QR code with http://www.epanorama.net/ URL:



  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Scan These QR Codes to Generate GIF Galleries in Your Phone

    In the last year or so, the animated format known as GIF has finally made its way from the default Tumblr reaction format to an art form.

    Brazilian photographer Jaime Scatena is taking GIFs a step further, using them not only as a medium for his work but a tool to examine the nature of art itself.

    For his most recent collection – QRt (This is Not Art) – Scatena added another layer of tech trickery to his craft by distributing his GIFs via QR codes (point a reader at the images above to get a taste). He first got the idea for using QR codes as gated versions of GIFs when he applied for a photography award and couldn’t figure out how to submit his images.

    “I knew I should figure out a way people could access them on their natural environment, the internet,” Scatena said. He liked the idea of using QR codes as symbolic representations of art that can only exist online. (He also discovered that the codes offer a subtle way to post more explicit content in plain sight; he did a series that read “Open at Your Own Risk” that unlocked homoerotic art.)

    “Having the GIFs accessed through QR codes and transforming the codes as the physical part of a GIF is also a play on what is art after all,” Scatena said.

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    An interactive paper badge for conferences

    This utilizes the power of the QRCODE, a QR Scanner in a Smartphone, and a interactive website to do stuff for the visiting web site user…

    QRCODE’s are ubiquitous today. Realtors, companies, and other commercial entities use them to allow customers to visit their website without typing anything. All you do is aim your smartphone at the QRCODE and voila! it takes you to the designated web site.

    If the website is your own personalized we content, you can show off your photo, bio, profile, hobby’s, online chat session, links to other websites, your location, etc. The web site can use geo-location services to pinpoint you and the visitor or a syatem of QRCODE signs can be placed in a conference hall to designate location when there is no Wi-Fi or 3g/4g signal.


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