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How To Reverse Engineer Rigol DS1054Z

How To Reverse Engineer, Featuring the Rigol DS1054Z article and videos in it show what is inside a four-channel digital scope. With four channels of input, Dave Jones was wondering how the engineers at Rigol managed to stuff two additional front ends into the scope while still meeting the magic price point of $400, it

FTDI removes clone chips bricking driver Maybe publicity on this issue made manufacturer to change plans… They understood that intentionally breaking USB-serial hardware owned by somebody else is not a good idea (bad PR and could be illegal). Posted from WordPress for Android

On Counterfeit USB-serial Chips

USB to serial port adapters are gadgets that we have a love/hate relationship. We love that we can add serial port to a new PC, but we hate that many of those adapters do not feel reliable in use. Counterfeit copies of USB to serial ICs have caused headaches for users and manufacurers. And it

Taylor Swift accidentally releases 8 seconds of white noise, tops Canadian iTunes chart – Your Community What does this tell about state of pop-music industry? When a track containing nothing but eight seconds of white noise was accidentally released under the album’s name on Tuesday morning, it shot to the top of Canada’s iTunes chart almost immediately. It’s likely that many fans downloaded the song without listening to it first.