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Friday Fun:

Hyperconverged and software defined are very much hype terms just now. There are many start-ups on the field. There’s a new storage company making waves: “Simplistic Storage”, but startup Simplistic Storage may not be what it seems. The company’s lead product is called “Panacea”. And you can find more material that looks a bit strange

sshpass – Awesome Program You Never Should Use

The Awesome Program You Never Should Use article describes a Linux utility that I have found some times very useful, because it can be incredibly helpful. Conceptually, sshpass is a horrible, horrible program. It basically allows you to enter an SSH user name and password on the command line, so you can create a connection without

Popular Electronics Archive On-Line

Popular Electronics magazine was once one of the best-selling DIY electronics magazines. And now you can relive memories from many years back by browsing through this archive of PDFs of all back issues from 1954 to 1982. It is interesting historical content. In November 1982 the magazine became Computers & Electronics. Popular Electronics was sold