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Risto Linturi digital future

Around two weeks ago when I visited AudioVisual Helsinki 2015 fair (on which I wrote AudioVisual Helsinki 2015 report) I also happened to walk trough FinnSec 2015 Fair (18-20.11.2015) that was held at the same location. Besides traditional security (like locks, alarms, security people, fire protection etc.) there was also discussion the IoT security. On Thursday,

Christmas lights hacking ideas

It is time to set up Christmas lights if you have not already done that. You can set up traditional lights or go to high tech direction with Internet of Things twist (leading finally to Internet of Christmas Lights). If you are interested on the high-tech approach is a good idea to read the tips

Video Designer’s Notebook

What doesn’t have a video component nowadays? Television, iPad, cell phone, computer, they all have video. Video technology is a changing¬† field in what I have worked in (done some designs and used TV broadcast equipment) and I am still following. has a good set of links to video technology that I have collected