Archive for December 2015 open is a new Finnish language electronics and technology professionals magazine that I mentioned earlier has has now opened their official web pages. They are still under development but already well worth to check out of you understand Finnish language. They have also published my IoT security material I presented at Teknologia 2015.

Uses for Quantum Entanglement

Are advances in quantum science good or fad forĀ  encryption? It is both. It is believed that quantum computers can break many widely used encryption systems too easily: Quantum computing is a major threat to crypto, says the NSA. Cryptographers are already interested in post-quantum crypto – they are working to develop new algorithms that

Gravitational wave mission blasts off tomorrow

Some news on European space exploration: Europe launches search for Einstein’s space-time ripples article tells thatĀ  the European Space Agency’s LISA Pathfinder spacecraft is due to blast off tomorrow from Kourou, French Guiana, on its mission to “test the technology needed to develop future space-borne gravitational wave detectors”. The launch date is not arbitrary. It