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Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code | News | Lifestyle | The Independent

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code from The Independent shows a good example how a small mistake can sometimes cause huge problems. Be careful and have proper backup system. Mr Marsala wrote on a forum for server experts called Server Fault that he was now stuck after having accidentally run

Touch dimmer tear-down

This is a tear-down of one TT6061A based touch dimmer that could not handle touch and failed (static electricity killed it). This dimmer module manufactured by Eaglerise was found inside a desk lamp. Inside view The construction inside looks pretty OK. There is a proper normal fuse there (tiny ceramic fuse) and also over-temperature protection

Light field video camera

I have earlier written about light field photography and related new camera technologies earlier in this blog.It has been somewhat silent on this market for some time, but now something interesting happens – Lytro (best known maker of light field cameras) has released Lytro Cinema camera for professional video and digital film production markets. Lytro

Hello p5.js

p5.js is a new interpretion of  Processing – an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. p5.js is a JavaScript library that starts with the original goal of Processing, nd reinterprets this for today’s web – it it you are not limited to your drawing canvas,