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From DMX-512 to ArtNet

Yesterday I posted about DMX-512 dimmer. DMX-512 is a lighting industry standard way of controlling lighting equipment.DMX-512 allows for one controller (like a lighting desk or computer) to control many lights from many manufacturers. DMX-512 fundamentally provides 512 channels of 8-bit resolution (0-255) level control(which constitue a DMX ‘universe’) using serial  RS-485 communications at 250

The Fathers of the Internet Revolution Urge Today’s Software Engineers to Reinvent the Web – IEEE Spectrum The web as it is used today has problems like security, privacy and big information silos. Re-invention and changes how web is needed to solve them.

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion | The Verge

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion | The Verge   Why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn? Microsoft wants LinkedIn profiles to become a central identity in the workplace Nadella points out that LinkedIn is “how people find jobs, build skills, sell, market and get work done.” It’s a key tool in the professional

Four channel DMX-512 light dimmer

I happened to find this AnyTronics 4 channel dimmer thrown out as trash. It looks looks like Anytronics wall mounted dimmer 4 x 10 A that someone has adapted to become rack mounted and moved the DMX-512 address selection switches outside the device. I expected that Anytronics DP410 dimmer pack installation instructions would be about

Let’s transform Raspberry Pi into a performing and inexpensive Media Center | Open Electronics I have successfully used Kodi/XBMC with Raspberry Pi to view online multimedia. This article also introduces interesting OSMC alternative that was new to me.

What Jobs Do People Find Most Meaningful? – The Atlantic For meaningful work and high pay, become a doctor. For work that doesn’t feel meaningful, become a lawyer. Does a preference for “meaningful” work necessitate a lifetime of modest compensation?   Low-paying service jobs—food prep, cashiers, fast-food cooks—were both poorly compensated and not meaningful. Of course, not everyone prioritizes finding “meaningful” work, and the