USB C adapter sales claims

Just when micro USB became the standard way to charge smart phones, new standard emerged: USB type C. Again you need new chargers… Is there a way to reuse old chargers? Yes. There are USB C to micro USB adapters that allow new phones charged with old chargers (works but at slower speed).

I needed one, so I picked this.

It worked to charge phone as promised.

Closeup on claims

First claim holds.

Second claim ok.

Third claim is generic talk from USB type C marketing material. Those claims do not match to this product because this adapter is limited by micro USB connector that does not support those features.

This product is thin, light and easy to carry. So small that it is even easy to loose.

Reversible connector is true. On fast charging it depends what you connect and what you consider as fast charging.

This adapter does not support 4.5G because micro USB is not designed for this speed.

Backwards compatible is true.


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