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Sequential Programming Considered Harmful? – IEEE Spectrum Today, multicore processors power our laptops and cellphones. Distributed cloud servers or supercomputer clusters process large data sets. To take full advantage of these systems, you need parallel algorithms. “It’s a parallel world,”  Why is no one teaching a course in parallel algorithms to freshmen?  Currently, most introductory computer science courses start with sequential

Critical infrastructures under daily attack — EU cyber security team head ‘Critical infrastructures around the world, not just in Europe, are constantly being targeted by cyber attacks, as are many other systems used by society which are internet-connected. Every day, European vital services and infrastructures have to be able to resist many types of cyber attacks. ‘The risk of attacks against such infrastructures is expected

Exploring the open development method | Among the most “oversold as a cure” methodologies introduced to business development teams today is Scrum, which is one of several agile approaches to software development and introduced as a way to streamline the process.  Scrum has become something of an intractable method, complete with its own holy text, the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, and daily devotions