Mongoose OS Now Part of Hackster Apps – Hackster’s Blog

An open source IoT operating system that looks interesting.

Mongoose OS is an open source operating system for the IoT.
With Mongoose OS, setup is fairly straightforward and takes just few minutes. Prototyping can be done in JavaScript, and you can use real microcontrollers for your projects (such as ESP8266, ESP32 or TI CC3200), not the ‘minicomputers boards’ like Raspberry Pi or Galileo.

  • You can code in JavaScript (or you can still do it in C, if this is your first choice).
  • It has built-in support for any public or private MQTT server (IoT Cloud).
  • Supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, Websocket, MQTT, CoAP, DNS, mDNS-SD, and SNTP protocols.


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