Steve Wozniak Echoes Advice of Other Disrupters and Leaders

Engineering is known for being a good, well-paid, in-demand job. However, these aspects may not have anything to do with happiness or a healthy work/life balance—or a healthy life at all. Defining what you want and who you want to be and sticking to that is important for happiness.

1. Don’t worry about money

“If you focus on building value, the money will follow.”

“If you are passionate about the product, you may hold onto it when there is a better solution available,” 

For Wozniak, building value equated to creating things that gave him enjoyment, and eventually he made a lot of money.

2. Have Fun

Wozniak said that most of his early success was him just having fun.

Wozniak knew what he wanted, and it wasn’t status or money. Yet he was, and still is, a tinkering prankster. 

3. Mind Your Ethics

We live in an ever-growing economy. 

As we live in this continually expanding world, ethics becomes increasingly important. 


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