Open Source versus Business Models

Network World is running a guest article Open Source Software Licenses versus Business Models by Outercurve Foundation’s technical director Stephen Walli discussing how FOSS license choice can affect a company’s business model. In Open Source Software Licenses versus Business Models article Walli disagrees that a FOSS license dictates the business model or that the business

Patent battles

I have been following news around patents lately. I have followed what happens on patent field because I am an inventor that has made some patents and being referenced on some other. The patent situation seem to be quite insane right now, especially on smartphone field. I can agree the comment Patent law is a

LEGO celebrating 80 years

I am a big fan of LEGO as you can see on many LEGO related posts in this blog. Imagination-fostering Lego is 80 years old this month. Lego was founded by 1932, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish joiner and carpenter. The company started by making and selling wooden toys. In 1934, his company came to

Many bonus cards to one mobile card

How many of those “Bonus Cards” you have to get discount on different stores? Probably too many to carry around in your wallet easily. Years ago I thought that it would be a good idea if it would be possible to combine them all then to a one card. After analyzing the problem I thought

Pricing Should Be Simple

Pricing Should Be Simple article mentions some interesting points on pricing products: One thing many companies — in any industry — can learn from Apple is the importance of simple pricing. If you make it easy for people to understand how much they’re paying, and what they’re paying for, it is more likely that they’ll

How 10 popular tech companies got their names

How 10 popular tech companies got their names article tells that you might be surprised to find out how some of global company names originated. What’s in a name? For these 10 companies, a lot; billions and billions of dollars as a matter of fact. Nowadays those companies make very calculated decisions on every move

Can you train people to innovate?

Can you train people to innovate? Financial analyst Barry Ritholtz has shared a helpful slide set titled “Innovation can be trained” that’s worth reading. Printing and then tacking individual slides to your cube walls can be used as a daily reminder that organizations can create cultures of innovation. It’s based on the work The Innovator’s

How Hi-Tech Retailers Are Screwing You

There are a million little ways retailers can screw you on what you buy. But maybe nowhere is this more common than in the world of high-tech gadgets. 5 Ways Hi-Tech Retailers Are Secretly Screwing You article gives examples how high tech opens up whole new realms of screwing the customer. Examples of this can