Car electronics

Intelligent cars and roads

I have written on car electronics trends on my Car Electronics 2012 posting, and followed on the later news on the topic on the comments. It is well known that cars have become and are becoming as big moving intelligent always connected mobile devices. There are also plans to make the roads intelligent. Intelligent Roadways

Rescue sheet for your car

Cars have become safer and safer, but still they crash too often. The increasingly safety design of vehicles presents rescuers with a serious challenge. On-board rescue sheet article tells that in particular, removing car roofs is becoming more and more problematic. Faced with high-strength steel and body reinforcements, even the most powerful cutters reach their

Google’s Self Driving Car Sensor Data

I wrote about Car Electronics at 2012 and updated the article with many comments. Now here is some new news to car electronics technologies that is worth a new post. Google has already logged an impressive amount of miles in its Toyota Prius fleet equipped with $70,000 radar systems. Google’s Self Driving Car Gathers Nearly

Electronics in cold weather

Yesterday the temperatures were at -28 degrees Celsius in southern Finland. That’s really cold. This is so cold that is starts to cause problems in all sorts of devices. I had problems in starting my car. The battery felt weak. I planned to measure the voltage in it with a multimeter I have in my