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Autonomous Driving Experts Weigh 5G Cellular Network Against Dedicated Short Range Communications – IEEE Spectrum What is the right communications technology for self-driving connected cars? Telecom operators want it to be their 5G network. But it is not the only technology…

Finland paves the way for robotic vehicles

Finland wants to become a world pioneering test and development environment for intelligent automation in transport. The perfect test environment for Amazon’s delivery drones and Google’s self-driving cars may soon be found in Finland. Especially when challenging Arctic conditions enter the picture. This is where Finland steps in by offering a strong digital infrastructure, plenty

75% of U.S. Drivers Fear Self-Driving Cars, But It’s an Easy Fear to Get Over – IEEE Spectrum

Trust in self-driving cars remains a big stumbling block for U.S. drivers surveyed by the American Automobile Association. But the same AAA survey and other past studies suggest that drivers can quickly overcome those trust issues once they get a chance to experience a ride in a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous vehicle. “There’s going to be a