Former NASA-engineer will sail from Finland to Estonia in solar-powered sauna – Business Insider Nordic–/ Janne Käpylehto is former NASA engineer who describes himself as ‘a serial entrepreneur, author and energy expert’. His floating sauna will attempt to sail 80 km across the Gulf of Finland to Estonia. The sauna is propelled by a motor powered by solar panels

Demoscene – ASSEMBLY Summer 2018 Watch the demo competition live on Finnish national TV! The legendary Assembly demo competition will be shown live on national (Finnish) YLE TV2 channel on Saturday August 4 starting around midnight after the ROG Tournament CS:GO Finnish Championship 2018 Finals. You can view event also on-line: AssemblyTV hosts interviews, chats and of course the

Helsinki’s sprawling underground tunnel network offers shelter from Russia’s potential threat – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Finland underground: Beneath Helsinki’s surface lies nearly 500 separate underground facilities and 300 kilometres of tunnels that snake their way throughout the city. Since the 1960s the city has excavated nearly 9 million cubic metres of that tough granite. Most of the areas are for public use, and include car parks, railway tunnels, wastewater

A Double First in China for Advanced Nuclear Reactors – IEEE Spectrum The most advanced commercial reactor designs from Europe and the United States just delivered their first megawatt-hours in China. Both projects were years behind schedule. On Thursday, 29 June, a 1,400-MW EPR designed in France and Germany synced up to the grid at the Taishan nuclear power plant. The next day the U.S.-designed 1,117-MW

The (Almost) Unstoppable Rise of Finnish Health Tech – Medengine The Finnish health technology field is booming like never before. In 2017, health tech exports broke new records as their value rose more than 5% to over €2.2 billion. The fact that the Finnish health tech field is thriving is hardly new: over the last two decades, the value of health tech export has