Bad idea: GPS tracking of cars

Recently, the media has been on discussion on making the country roads to be controlled by private company and Finnish cars envisaged the so-called mandatory. black box. On this discussion it has been several times mentioned that the Finnish Government has planned a mandatory monitoring devices for all cars to collect “road tax” based on

Friday Fun: Ice Fun in Finland

Finnish energy expert and inventor Janne Käpylehto wanted to show the world that on land of polar bears there can be fun (and not just extreme weather). So he made a Ice carousel and made a video that has got many video views around the world: Using only a chainsaw, an axe, a shovel and

My smart watch programming article

 Smart watches are a fast growing trend in wearable devices. It is a good to know how to program them. Uusiteknologia magazine has just published my article Näillä työkaluilla teet omia älykellosovelluksia tells basics how to develop applications to most popular smart watch systems from Apple, Google, Pebble and Samsung. Smart watch applications need to