Netscape Navigator turned 20

Netscape Navigator – the browser that started it all – turns 20 article tells that it was 20 years ago today, Marc Andreeesen taught the band to play: Netscape Navigator, the browser credited with taking the World Wide Web into the mainstream, was released twenty years ago yesterday, on October 13th 1994. The anniversary celebrated

Add print to Firefox context menu

I wanted to have Print functionality on Firefox context menu (the menu that comes visible when I press mouse right button). I do not always want to click the dialogue box all the time when I want to print something. Or move hand to keyboard to use the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut. The easiest solution tip

Can This Web Be Saved from DRM?

It seems that the the 25 years old free web is under a constant attack. The most current threads to really open web at the moment are DRM, network neutrality issues  and mobile app wallet garden silos. Some time ago DRM HTML5 were approved. I did not like the idea to add DRM to HTML5,

Fixing slow Firefox

Firefox shouldn’t feel slow, particularly when compared to Opera and Internet Explorer. But sometimes Firefox can become slow. This happened to my browser that had been in active use for years. When I started to search for solutions, found this: 5 Things To Do When Firefox Runs Slow But Other Browsers Run Fast article gives

Website Speed Testing

Is there a way to check how long does it take for the page to load? Pingdom Website Speed Test is a easy to use on-service worth to check. Enter a URL to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find bottlenecks. PageSpeed Insights is part of web performance tools at Google.


Cool Firefox AddOn: Poster article mentions a cool utility for non-unix users, who have been looking for a curl like solution for sending HTTP requests with the various HTTP methods – GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. It is the Firefox add-on Poster. Poster is a developer tool for interacting with web services and other web

How to Change Hidden Advanced Settings in Any Browser

Web browsers are packed with settings and options, many of which are usually hidden from users. Typically each web browser has a different options and they have place where to change those advanced settings at different location. How to Change Hidden Advanced Settings in Any Browser and Näin saat esiin selainten piilotetut lisäasetukset articles have

Time for Firefox Plugin Check

Mozillla announced that it will soon start prompting Firefox users to upgrade select old plugins. This means that Firefox users who have outdated versions of the most popular plugins will soon see a notification urging them to update when they visit a web page that uses them. Old versions of Silverlight, Adobe Reader and Adobe

Firefox 15: Type error: Can't access dead object

I upgraded to Firefox 15 and got an annoying error: I keep getting annoying often “Type error: Can’t access dead object” errors. That message is displayed endlessly after using many web pages and closing their tab. After some Googling I found page that tells that Drag & Drop upload extension could be the cause.

Get rid of Java now!

Now it is time to get rid of Java. Get rid of Java on your web browser now. You need to do it if you care your security at all. Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority Cert-Fi site and Security company F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen calls for removal of Java software from browsers. Most of