Measuring the Plank Constant With Lego

Something for the weekend: Measuring the Plank Constant With Lego tells how you can do science experiment with LEGO. A Watt balance looks like a double-armed scale where one weight can be compared to another weight of known mass. Instead of using two arms, a Watt balance only has one arm, brought into balance by a

LEGO microscopes

Did you know that it’s possible to build a working compound microscope with nothing but LEGO elements? Collecting votes now on Lego Ideas is a fully functional microscope — constructed entirely out of Lego bricks. Artist Carl Merriam, who is known for his intricate Lego renderings of mythical creature Cthulhu and other custom creations, submitted the


One friend mentioned this: littleBits makes an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun. Looks interesting. There are even instructions how to join littleBits to LEGO. All the  modules are open source, check  GitHub for Eagle boards and schematics for all the littleBits modules. The aim

Chrome + LEGO: You can build whatever you like

Think back: you’ve just dumped a bin of LEGO® bricks onto the floor with a satisfying crash, and you have the whole day ahead of you to build whatever you want. There’s something pretty amazing about being able to piece together your ideas with just a collection of colorful bricks. Google has released an interesting Build

Friday Art: Star Wars toys photos

Star Wars toys photos look more realistic than the real Star Wars shows amazing work of Finnish artist Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut, a brilliant illustrator and photographer who likes to take pictures of his kids’ toys in his spare time. Check out these series of Star Warstoys set in the real world. Check also Beautiful

Friday Fun: Air-Powered Lego Hot Rod

I have earlier shown some amazing Lego building projects on this blog, but this one is over the top: An Australian entrepreneur and Romanian tinkerer have built an air-powered full-size car out of LEGO. The car has homepage at Here is a video of that Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air. It is

Robots week in Finland and Europe

European Robotics Week 2013 is celebrated from 25 November to 1 December 2013. The Week aims at inspiring technology education in students of all ages to pursue careers in STEM-related fields, i.e. science, technology, engineering and math. At the same time Finnish robot week “Robottiviikko” is celebrated in Finland. I happened to walk by Robots

Robot week in USA

EDN magazine reported just few days ago that National Robotics Week has started. There are many robotics events arranged around USA. EDN magazine page from last Friday has a list of links to interesting articles on robotics. There are for example articles on Roomba sensors for hackers and building a power supply for your robot.