Practical Jokes

Please don’t drill a hole in your new iPhone 7 Apple got rid of 3.5mm headphone jack on latest iPhone. Do not try to add one yourself by following drilling istructions from a fake YouTube video that got viral! You will just end up with broken iPhone. 

April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day (April 1st) is now here. If you need ideas for practical jokes, check my postings Prank Ideas For April Fools’ Day and April Fools Pranks and Gadgets. Check also other idea from Practical Jokes section. Happy April Fools’ Day – don’t believe everything that you hear and read.

Prank Ideas For April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day (April 1st) is fast approaching, so several web sites (including this) offer a few prank ideas. There are two articles even with same name:  25 Brilliant Prank Ideas For April Fools’ Day and 25 Brilliant Prank Ideas For April Fools Day.  Check also 25 Best April Fools’ Day gags, hoaxes, pranks and

Friday Fun: Car key Hack

Your daily commuting can become mundane and boring. Hilarious Car Key Hack Lets You Drive It Like You Stole It article shows how you can easily spice things up with this clever hack that makes it feel like you’ve just jacked someone’s ride. All you need is an old screwdriver—the more worn it is the

Friday Fun: Internet Protector

With all the talk of Internet filtering in Australia and the high cost to implement the filter, an Australian technology distributor has come up with a cheaper solution to the governments Internet filter: The Kogan Portector. That filter in the video did not get into real use. At November 2012 finally Australian federal government has

Write only memory

Write-only memory has been one of the best practical jokes on the electronics industry field. Write-only memory (WOM) is the antithesis of read-only memory (ROM). By definition, a WOM is a memory device which can be written but never read. The WOM concept is most often used as a joke or a euphemism for a