Practical Jokes

Practical jokes around workplace – part IV

Today everybody has a network connection in the office. And the majority of people are quite heavily dependent on their connections during the day. In other words if their connection is down they get quite frustrated quite fast. My colleague was one of these people and he got very upset very fast. I always dreamt

Practical jokes around workplace – part III

I was recently subjected to a practical joke that nearly made me lose my nerves. Me and my dear colleague shared a common workroom in which we worked. One day he had a nice idea and he brought a remotely controllable socket and connected my display to it. When ever he was in the room

Practical jokes around workplace – part II

In many offices they have some PC- and IT-magazines delivered to the coffee room. If you know that your colleague is interested in some specific magazine, wait for the next issue, and do the following… Use the stapler to staple all the sheets of the magazine together and then write a post-it as follows: “John,

Practical jokes around workplace – part I

If you happen to have a troller full of old pc’s waiting in the office to be collected and further disposed, you can still utilize them. For example you can cheer up your collegues by carrying the old pc’s and place them onto your collegues room or a cubicle. You should do this when your