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Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen This looks interesting. The technology, called Electrick, was developed by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, with the findings published in an open access paper. The spray consists of an electrically conductive carbon-based material. By applying electrodes to the object, and then measuring the voltage at different points, the position of a person’s finger can

We may have accidentally formed a protective bubble around Earth | Popular Science This is interesting if true. This is not the first I have heard EM signals from earth affecting ionosphere.  When the Navy wants to send a message to an underwater submarine, it sometimes uses very low frequency (VLF) radio waves. Some end up in space and according to a new report, they may be forming a

A Circuit That Sees Radiation Strikes Could Keep Errors at Bay – IEEE Spectrum For a short time, it looked like the worlds electronics would be safe (well, safer) from radiation. With the switch from planar transistors to FinFETs, ICs suddenly became naturally resistant (literally) to having their bits flipped by a neutron splashing into them and blasting lose a small cloud of charge.  But two things are now

Quantum Refrigerator Breakthrough Might Be Crucial For Future Of Computing | IFLScience Quantum computing promises to revolutionize how we solve problemd, but there are many challenges before we get there. Researchers from Aalto University in Finland have reported in Nature Communications a functioning quantum refrigerator that can be used on many different quantum systems.  “With our new refrigerator, we think that is should be possible to reset qubits very accurately

Smart Contact Lens Detects Diabetes and Glaucoma – IEEE Spectrum In research described in the journal Nature Communications, the UNIST researchers used graphene-nanowire hybrid films to serve as conducting, transparent, and stretchable electrodes.  Both the graphene and the silver nanowires contribute indispensible properties. This contact lens should be able to pick up indictors for intraocular pressure, diabetes mellitus, and other health conditions, according to the researchers. Add

Zinc Battery Breakthrough Could Mean Safer, Lighter Cars and Smartphones – IEEE Spectrum Rechargeable zinc-based batteries could not only store as much energy as lithium-ion batteries but also be safer, cheaper, smaller and lighter, new research finds. The results suggest zinc batteries could find use in mild hybrids (microhybrids), electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and eventually perhaps smartphones and power grid storage. The researchers are now aggressively testing these batteries and exploring scaling

2D Materials Go Ferromagnetic, Creating a New Scientific Field – IEEE Spectrum Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have successfully demonstrated that two-dimensional (2D) layered crystals held together by van der Waal forces—these include graphene and molybdenum disulfide—can exhibit intrinsic ferromagnetism.  The discovery could have a profound impact for applications including magnetic sensors and the developing use of spintronics for encoding information. In general, electronics and optics are turning to

Neural networks explained In the past 10 years, the best-performing artificial-intelligence systems—such as the speech recognizers on smartphones or Google’s latest automatic translator—have resulted from a technique called “deep learning.” Most applications of deep learning use “convolutional” neural networks, in which the nodes of each layer are clustered, the clusters overlap, and each cluster feeds data to

Move Over Spintronics, Here Comes Magnonics to the Rescue of Electronics – IEEE Spectrum  European collaborative research center called Spin+X has offered a prototype of a device that leverages something called spin waves that may offer a way forward. Spin waves are the synchronous waves of electron spin alignment observed in a magnetic system. If the prototype is any indication, then researcher may have another avenue to explore when traditional electronics reaches