Trends and predictions

Mobile future

I read just a moment ago an interesting analysis what to expect in the near future on computer and mobile devices fields. What does mobile scale mean? tells that some time in the next six months, the number of smartphones on earth will pass the number of PCs. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone: the mobile

Who’s Winning, iOS or Android?

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android clearly dominate the smart phone market. But who’s winning the mobile platform wars, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? It’s one of the blogosphere’s favorite tech topics, but many postings usually concentrate on only one or few sides of the whole story, and make quick conclusions based on them. To understand

Finland is number one ICT country

Tietoviikko reports that Finland (my home country) is the world’s best IT country according to World Economic Forum study The Global Information Technology Report 2013. According to the study, Finland is the world’s number one country when it comes to the economy’s ability to use information technology to competitiveness and prosperity. Finland has toppled Sweden

Web everywhere

Coming to an e-book or car near you: the Web article tells that World Wide Web Consortium now have groups adapting Web technology for the automotive and publishing industries (traditionally two pretty narrow domains). “The Web equals publishing,” Jaffe said. “There’s really no difference anymore.” Interactivity is part of the reason the automotive industry is

Enterprise Network Firewall trends

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls give a view to current firewall markets: Gartner states, “Advances in threats have driven mainstream firewall demand for next- generation firewall capabilities. Buyers should focus on the quality, not quantity, of the features and the R&D behind them. This market includes mature vendors and new entrants.” Palo

Electronics trends for 2013

Electronics industry hopefully starts to glow after not so good year 2012. It’s safe to say that 2012 has been a wild ride for all of us. The global semiconductor industry has demonstrated impressive resilience in year 2012, despite operating in a challenging global macroeconomic environment. Many have already ratcheted back their expectations for 2013.