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Digital Marketing Mistakes

http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/6433-digital-marketing-mistakes-to-avoid.html This article lists 5 mistakes. For this list I can add two common mistakes advertises do quite often: Buy advertisement on web site, get some users to click, but have incorrect URL on advertisement – users do not get forwarded to page you wanted them to go – money is spent on advertisement, no

Web Developer Security Checklist – Simple Security

https://simplesecurity.sensedeep.com/web-developer-security-checklist-f2e4f43c9c56 Developing secure, robust web applications in the cloud is hard, very hard. If you think it is easy, you are either a higher form of life or you have a painful awakening ahead of you. Think twice before you launch your “proto-product”. Acknowledge that you are skipping many of critical security issues. At the very minimum, be honest with

The Many Benefits of HTTP/2 – The Media Temple Blog

http://mediatemple.net/blog/tips/many-benefits-http2/?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=blog&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_term=linkpreview&utm_content=http2 Now there is a budding new alternative to the endless caching and performance supplements. HTTP/2 — a new protocol update for HTTP by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).  HTTP/2 is the spiritual successor to HTTP/1 and provides much needed changes in security, speed, and usability. Let’s explore some of the key features and main benefits of implementing

3 open source web design templates | Opensource.com

https://opensource.com/article/17/4/boilerplate-web-design-templates?sc_cid=7016000000127ECAAY Today, few people design their web pages from scratch. Most opt to use a pre-built template design, custom fit for their content management system of choice. Even developers building complex web applications came to rely on templating libraries to put together the majority of their application. But what if you want to build a

Changes coming to TLS: Part One

https://access.redhat.com/blogs/766093/posts/2975791?sc_cid=7016000000127ECAAY Transport layer Security version 1.3 (TLS 1.3) is the latest version of the SSL/TLS protocol which is currently under development by the IETF. It offers several security and performance improvements as compared to the previous versions.

When your Employer Can See Your Banking Information: Decrypting SSL | AlienVault

https://www.alienvault.com/blogs/security-essentials/when-your-employer-can-see-your-banking-information-decrypting-ssl Enter Next Generation firewalls and SSL Decrypts. In the traditional catchup game played between good guys and bad guys, the end user usually ends up in the thick of the action. With SSL decryption, that padlock might not be protecting you at all. First let’s take a look at how SSL decryption is setup.