Nokia Research Center 25 years

Nokia Research Center has fueled the creation and development of the mobile industry we all enjoy today, and has contributed to a wide spectrum of ground-breaking innovations which have shaped the wireless world.

This short video retrospective showcases a few of the contributions coming from Nokia, in a fun narrative with the people Nokia has spent decades connecting and inspiring.

Nokia did very many things first, but they also tend to shove things in the store room a lot. People at Nokia Research Center did good research and innovations, but there was a huge gap from the inventions to the business and product. Nokia has lost a huge number of big opportunities they had in this way.

By the way I have worked many years at Nokia Research Center many years ago.

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Nokia has time on its side says CTO Dr Henry Tirri
    Business and creativity are working in harmony to produce disruptions

    Dr Tirri is a free-thinking philosopher, gazing into the future, selecting areas of mobile technology Nokia should pursue.

    It’s the role of Nokia’s CTO and his organization to create Nokia’s future disruptions by looking beyond the current technological horizon.

    “NRC has developed from a single lab in 1986 to a worldwide research organization with multiple locations.

    “The technology or invention itself is never disruptive, it is the efficient application or novel business use that creates the disruption,” he says.

    “If you come out with something disruptive first which creates a new experience; that’s the way to make the most money. When the next players come in, the value is diluted.

    “Strategy and big vision should be pushed by a few individuals,” he says. “Somebody needs to make the decision to bet on a particular area, say, connectivity. So you need this combination of a scientific and artistic approach at the same time.”


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