Live DOM Viewer

Live DOM Viewer is a nice JavaScript tool for playing with web page DOM (Document Object Model). This JavaScript powered web page shows you four boxes: HTML source editing box, document DOM view, rendered document view and log. The scrip comes with very simple example data, for better testing you can paste your HTML code in or use the code included in more complicated example. I have tested that this page works well in Firefox and Chrome browsers, and it also work with IE (DOM view does not look as good on IE). You can run this web page on the server or it work well from a local file (so you can save the web page on your PC and use it as tool when you need it).



  1. Brad Murphrey says:

    Wow , fantastic post .I m very happy I ve found your blog , bookmarked!

  2. tomi says:

    It looks like you have misunderstood the original posting…

  3. tomi says:

    I think you have misunderstood the original article….

  4. tomi says:

    I think you misunderstood the original posting. It was talking about Document Object Model (DOM) and not domination…

  5. tomi says:

    The template making process was something like this:
    - start from some standard template that looked close enough to be suitable
    - modify it by integrating features from style sheet the the rst of site uses
    - some hand optimizing (adding advertisements, removing some unnecessary stuff etc..)
    - outside WordPress expert did some final tuning

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