Goodbye Prosessori Magazine

Sanoma Magazines is to stop Prosessori magazine publishing in the November(English translation). At the same time Sanoma Magazine stopped publishing several other magazines. The last Prosessori issue will be the November 2011 issue. The web pages will be open to the end of 2011 (so now is the time to download if you need something from there).

Prosessori magazine has survived on the market for more than 30 years. The first processor released in 1979, at the same time when the first microprocessors were introduced in Finnish factories. I have been writing articles to Prosessori magazine for more than 10 years. The magazine has published a large number of articles written my me (almost 200 articles). I will be missing that magazine.

There was only one monthly publication that covers high tech on a broad basis. Prosessori was the only professional magazine reaching all the top professionals in Finland. Many people are missing it already.


Goodbye Prosessori.


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    [...] originally planned to write an article on 3D video technology for Prosessori magazine, but because Prosessori magazine publication ended I have no reason to hold this material for a longer [...]

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Prosessori web site will go down in few days…
    After that you can still find some of the material from it from Wayback archive at*/

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    [...] Magazine When Prosessori magazine ended last year I started writing articles to Tietokone magazine (press info). Actually I had earlier written some [...]

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    [...] This means drop to less than half in just few years! Was no wonder that market got too hard for Prosessori Magazine, an important publication for many people working on those fields and a magazine I wrote [...]

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    [...] It seems that Elektroniikkalehti is trying to fill some of the gap caused by ending of Prosessori magazine (gap was only partially filled with 3T and [...]

  6. Tomi Engdahl says:

    3T magazine ( was partially made to replace Prosessori (was offered as new magazine to those who had subscription to Prosessori, some people of Prosessori editorial moved to 3T). Now it does not look good for that magazine either:

    Magazine publisher, Sanoma Magazines is planning to loss-making Iris, 3T and Home Builder

    Sanoma Magazines to start employee negotiations magazine editing. The negotiations may result in a total of 14 workers laid off, part-time or other terms of employment of the substantial alteration.

    Sanoma Magazines is now focusing on the development of cross-media, such as digital services.


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    [...] I remember that years ago ELKOM used to offer more “wow” events when seeing something completely new. This time I did no get any big “wow” events. I felt that the event was more interesting some years ago when Finnish electronics industry was going strong and I did reporting for Prosessori. [...]

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    [...] to on-line format. I used to read pretty much on printed magazines, and even been active writer to Prosessori and Tietokone print magazines. Things have changed. I have canceled pretty many printed [...]


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