Open Logic Sniffer software and hardware

Logic Sniffer Java client is an alternative OLS-client provides a software client for the Open Bench Logic Sniffer logic analyser hardware (that is based on ideas from open source SUMP analyzer). Software works also with SUMP compatible devices and Bus Pirate hardware.

When tested with the demonstration data the software seemed to work quite well (I have not yet tested it with real hardware). The software seem to be considerably getter than some other free logic analyzer software I have checked over years. Logic Sniffer Java client is worth to check out if you are looking for open source logic analyzer solution.

Logic Sniffer software can also be used with some other hardware than Open Bench Logic Sniffer and SUMP because nowadays there exists also other hardware/software implementations of SUMP protocol.

SUMP compatible logic analyzer code for Arduino allows to implement a logic analyzer compatible with the SUMP protocol with Arduino hardware. The code is designed for a 16MHz Arduino with the ATmega328p (for example Duemilanove). The Arduino board supports 5 channels at maximum 1MHz sample rate.

Turning the Stellaris Launchpad into a logic analyzer tells that you can turn your Stellaris Launchpad into a SUMP compatible 10 MHz, 8-channel logic analyzer with a 16 kB buffer.

The SUMP communications is based on pretty simple protocol that runs on RS232 connection (usually nowadays over USB).


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