Ex-Amazon Engineer Builds Library for World’s Software Code article mentions and interesting service: Runnable. Companies like Amazon and Google try to share their code with every other engineer at the company. The idea is to ensure that they never build the same thing twice. This kind of practices have created a huge discovery problem to find the right piece of code from the ocean of code pieces. In building software, modern companies rely also on all sorts of code and tools they don’t develop themselves (open source software and APIs).

The open source search engine Ohloh spans 20,656,731,705 lines of publicly available code, and the API tracking site The Programmable Web lists over 10,000 publicly available APIs. You can also found code from GithHub and BitBucket.

Yash Kumar has created a new solution to find and test publicly available code. Runnable service gives a means of finding and using all the software “building blocks” that are freely available across the web. Runnable allows you to actually test the code you have found. All the code in questions sits on the service itself, and it spans several programming platforms, including PHP, JavaScript and Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. The service is still in the beta testing stage, but us well worth to take a look. This is an interesting idea with some similarities to Cloud9 IDE service.

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