Does tech industry needs to move towards responsible innovation in 2018?

 For over a decade now, Silicon Valley ideology has been to simultaneously:Move fast and break things. Make the world a better place.

According to this article 2017 has been a demoralizing year. Our product innovations for accessible and affordable content have also been weaponized against society by bad actors. Social media became a vector of bullying and propaganda targeted with algorithms.

Right now, the relationship between tech and regulators is reading somewhere between strained and adversarial. There is fear that more regulation destroys the ability to innovate and can even cause even more problems because it often just encourages developing workarounds.

The write seem to want the tech industry to somehow magically fix itself. There are no silver bullets for this. What is hard is even to define what is “responsible innovation”. And even harder to see that what is responsible when innovation happens – doing aftermath years later later what should have been done is easier to say. 

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