Uusiteknologia 2/2018

Uusiteknologia.fi is new Finnish language electronics and technology professionals magazine.

In the newest issue have written articles on four topics (text in Finnish with short introduction in English).

Here are the topics I have written articles to it:

Buyers Guide: IoT Cloud Services

Internet of Things (IoT) solves today many business challenges and creates opportunities for business development. This article introduces the most commonly used general-purpose IoT cloud services for industrial applications. In addition services listed here, there are a large number of smaller cloud service companies as well as IoT cloud services optimized for various narrow application areas.
All cloud platforms have their own distinctive areas of pros and cons. Ultimately the project needs and cost-effectiveness determine whom to choose. Utilizing cloud services also brings new potential risks that are good to understand already at the beginning of the project. For example, your access to the service you are using can be terminated, because it is not profitable to service provider, bankruptcy, acquisition or technical reasons. These risks should be taken seriously.

Wifi boosts speed and encryption – including IoT devices

The first IEEE 802.11b wireless Wifi routers appeared at the end of the 1990s. New versions are already promising gigabit data transfer rates. There is also a low-power version of IoT applications – although it is poorly suited to Europe.
Soon, the new wireless Wifi LANs are built on IEEE 802.11ax and WPA3, enabling more data rates and better encryption for wireless connectivity.
The most up-to-date reform of wireless local area networks is Wi-fi technology in the form of an IEEE 802.11ax standard. It will bring in a number of improvements and additions in the near future. New features increase not only more data transfer capacity, but also improve predictability of capacity allocation, especially in environments with many simultaneous users.



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